Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. Should your question not be answered here, please email or call us using the contact information listed below.

What information will I need to pay online?

The patient will need the bill ID from the statement and date of birth. Click here to access the bill pay portal:, which is powered by NorthStar Anesthesia's business partner, Cedar.

What credit cards and other methods of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Other accepted methods of payment include ACH, debit/bank cards, HSA, and Google Pay or Apple Pay (on supported devices).

Why am I receiving multiple bills for the same visit?

Anesthesia services are often billed separately from other services received during a patient's visit to a healthcare facility. You may receive different bills for different services and different providers such as the surgeon and the hospital.

Why do I have a bill with two anesthesia providers?

This is likely due to the fact that the facility where you were treated practices under the medical direction model. In this model, an anesthesiologist medically directs a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Each provider bills for a portion of the overall charge. In other words, we bill for two providers (i.e., an anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthetist), but you are only being charged for one anesthesia service. The allowed amount determined by your insurance is divided between the two providers. Even if we had only submitted one claim, the allowed amount and the patient responsibility amount would have still been the same.

Do you offer Flexible Payment Plans?

Details regarding our flexible payment plans are listed on, which is powered by NorthStar Anesthesia's business partner, Cedar. You can also call one of NorthStar Anesthesia's Patient Accounts Representatives at 800-335-7060 for more information.

What are the differences between primary and secondary insurance coverage?

Primary coverage is provided through the plan of which you are a member, most likely through your employer.

Secondary coverage is usually the result of your spouse's health insurance plan and provides reimbursement for medical expenses after exhaustion of coverage available through the primary plan.

Secondary coverage can also be a supplemental plan such as AARP, which could reduce your responsibility as supplemental plans will be secondary to your Medicare coverage and decrease your out-of-pocket expense. Your supplemental insurance information should be provided along with your primary insurance information at time of visit.

Whom can I call with a question?

When you need to call us to discuss your account, please use the phone number listed on your bill. You may also contact us using the toll-free number or email address listed below. Please have the bill ID and your date of birth available when calling. Identity verification is performed for your protection

How can I send a payment by mail?

Checks may be sent by mail. Each physician group has its own Post Office Box, so please refer to your statement for the appropriate mailing address.

How do you secure your online transactions?

NorthStar Anesthesia's secure transaction portal, powered by Cedar, is protected with encryption software.

What is Cedar?

Cedar is the company that powers the billing site at Cedar's healthcare engagement platform offers a transparent and personalized financial experience for patients. NorthStar Anesthesia partnered with Cedar to enhance the online bill pay experience for some patients and provide those patients with access to their accounts 24/7.

If your question was not answered above, please use the contact phone number above to contact us.